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About Manzana

Manzana Products Co., Inc. is a historic apple cannery nestled in Sebastopol’s Green Valley.  For almost 100 years, apple sauce, apple juice, and apple cider vinegar have been produced in this little corner of the world.  Our area is a famous growing region for wine grapes , but many other crops as well.  In fact, Manzana was started as a small dryer operation known as Oehlmann Evaporator.  Local fruit such as apples, prunes, pears, and hops were delivered and dried. It was owned and operated by husband and wife team, Rudolph and Maude Oehlmann.

In 1945, Oehlmann Evaporator became incorporated and changed it’s name to Manzana Products.  Manzana is the Spanish word for apple and was selected to honor the many Latin Americans that were employed by the company.

Today Manzana continues to produce high quality apple juice, apple sauce, and apple cider vinegar for our customers and our R&D Department works tirelessly to innovate and improve our recipes and products. We strive to maintain the integrity and quality of our timeless apple products by producing them with the most current equipment and more efficient technology.

Manzana in the 50′s
Manzana crew May 1973
Manzana crew December 2008
Packing Apples Graton Circa 1910
Howard and Edith Norton
Richard Norton and Suzanne Kaido
Howard Norton and Ralph Sandborn
Family Tree
Kim Kaido Alverez and her eldest son Nolan
Edith and Constance Oehlmann
Maude Oehlmann
Rudolph Oehlmann
Constance and Ralph Sandborn


An Official Participant Of the
Non-GMO Project

Non GMO project verified

We are proud to be an official participant of the Non-GMO Project. For more information about the Non-GMO Project or to view our entire list of verified products to date, visit www.nongmoproject.org.

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